View from Red Rock lookout looking south towards the Otways.

Red Rock

is the name of the volcanic complex at the centre of our district comprising the townships of Cororooke, Coragulac, Warrion and Alvie and including the agricultural areas of Corunnun, Dreeite, Wool Wool and Balintore as well. We can be found in the narrow stretch of land between Lake Colac and Lake Corangamite, just a few kilometres north-west of Colac in south west Victoria.

Use this website to explore our district (map here) and to engage with our communities and events. Tourists may want to visit the Colac Visitor Centre first to get more details of our attractions including Lake Corangamite, Red Rock Gallery and Theatre, Coragulac Housei, Red Rock Lookouts, the Kanawinka Geotrail and the Cororooke Playspace (under construction).







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